George Fancy was born in late 1944/45, in Devon, England.


On the 1st April 1968, Fancy joined the Thames Valley Police, working at Cowley Road Police Station. (Muse)

In late 1968, while tailing murder suspect Cromwell Ames, Fancy was involved in a shoot-out at Eddie Nero's snooker hall. After seemingly getting caught in the crossfire, he died almost immediately after being shot three times. His murderer, and his reason for entering the snooker hall after Strange instructed him to stand-to outside, remain unknown. (Icarus)


Shirley TrewloveEdit

Fancy and Trewlove began dating in mid-1968. (Colours)

Morse was witness to them sharing a kiss on a bridge. (Quartet)

Fancy was jealous when he learnt that Morse and Trewlove were posing as a married couple for an undercover investigation. He went to see Trewlove at her temporary cottage, and told her that he missed her and loved her. Later that day, Thursday saw Fancy in a jeweller's, apparently buying a ring. (Icarus)

Endeavour MorseEdit

Fancy met Morse on his first day at Cowley Road. Although Fancy was eager to become friends with Morse, Morse was frosty towards him. (Muse)

Jim StrangeEdit

Fancy and Strange became good friends. They were known to go to each other's houses and watch the football together. (Passenger)