Driven to Distraction is episode three of season four of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Morse and Lewis investigate the death of Jackie Thorn who was found bound and stabbed in her flat. The murder is a carbon copy of one that occurred 27 days previously and they assume both were committed by the same man. The team is joined by Sgt. Siobhan Maitland, a expert in crimes against women. In the course of the investigation, they find that both women had purchased their cars from the same dealer and Morse becomes convinced that the owner, Jeremy Boynton, is the culprit. When they find a third assault victim who survived an attack some 5 years previously, Morse is more convinced than ever. The only thing now is that Morse needs evidence, provided he has the right man of course.

Plot Edit

To be added

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Julia Lane - Jackie Thorn
  • Tariq Yunus - George
  • Tessa Wojtczak - Angie Howe
  • Patrick Malahide - Jeremy Boynton
  • Richard Huw - Detective Constable Dearden
  • Al Ashton - Detective
  • Will Brenton - Detective
  • Chris Jenkinson - Detective
  • David Lonsdale - Detective
  • Christopher Fulford - Tim Ablett
  • Carolyn Choa - Phillipa Lau
  • Ken Nazarin - Whyting Lau
  • Mary Jo Randle - D.S. Maitland
  • Murray Ewan - Security Officer
  • Cheryl Maiker - Paula Steadman
  • Malcolm Raeburn - Martin Kass
  • Kate Doherty - Driving Instructor
  • David Ryall - Derek Whittaker
  • Jake Wood - Jimmy
  • Lynne Morgan - Sandra
  • Steve Shill - Deaf Salesman
  • Richard Vanstone - Gerry Firth
  • James Duggan - Prison Warden

Trivia Edit

  • Mary Jo Randle (D.S. Maitland) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'Falling Darkness' as Mrs Renfield.
  • David Ryall (Derek Whittaker) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'Life Born of Fire' as Mr Cooper.