Fat Chance is episode two of season five of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Victoria Hazlett is a brilliant student who aspired to the priesthood in the Anglican Church. When she collapses and dies during an exam, the post-mortem reveals that she was likely poisoned, but the pathologist can't quite identify one of the substances found in her system. Victoria was a member of a group that advocated women priests and ran a shelter for women who required assistance in their life. Several members of the group feel that an anti-women group led by the Reverend Geoffrey Boyd is responsible, but there is little evidence. There is a link to a nearby weight loss clinic. Morse is quite attracted to one of the women in the group but is taken aback when he learns she lied to him about her whereabouts the night before Victoria died

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Maurice Denham - Lance Mandeville
  • David Gant - Geoffrey Boyd
  • Julian Gartside - Desmond Kelly
  • Caroline Ryder - Dinah Newberry
  • Zoë Wanamaker - Emma Pickford
  • Maggie O'Neill - Hilary Dobson
  • Sarah Carpenter - Victoria Hazlett
  • Una Brandon-Jones - Nadine Stacey
  • Arbel Jones - Jane Barnes
  • Nicholas Selby - Dr Corder
  • Eileen Dunwoodie - Mrs Gardam
  • Kenneth Haigh - Freddie Galt
  • Tilly Vosburgh - Irene Saunders
  • Alan Starkey - Rowlands
  • Ben Onwukwe - Doctor
  • William Roberts - Hank Briardale
  • Dorothea Alexander - Mrs Hulme
  • Badi Uzzerman - Chip Van Owner
  • Josephine Welcome - Judy
  • Maureen Bennett - Val Lewis
  • Peggy Mount - Nun

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