Greeks Bearing Gifts is episode four of season five of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Morse and Lewis investigate when Nicos, the chef from a local Greek restaurant, is found murdered. He had been in England for 6 months and they initially learn little about him other than he was well liked and had no enemies. They eventually learn that he had previously been in England as a sous-chef for Digby Tuckerman, a wheeler dealer whose hotel went bankrupt and is now hoping to open a series of marine theme parks. Morse seeks the advice of Randall Rees a scholarly expert on ancient Greek ships and learns that he too was recently in Greece as the organizer of a symposium on ancient Greek maritime vessels. When Nicos' sister is also killed, Morse must determine who would want them both dead.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • James Hazeldine - Digby Tuckerman
  • Mike Kremastoules - Nicos Capparis
  • Andreas Markos - Mr Papas
  • Eileen Way - Mrs Papas
  • Jan Harvey - Friday Rees
  • Stephen Holland - Young Husband (TV Interview)
  • Edda Sharpe - Young Wife (TV Interview)
  • Maureen Bennett - Val Lewis
  • Andrew Kazamia - Dinos Papas
  • James Faulkner - Basilios Vasilakis
  • Eve Polycarpou - Jocasta Georgiadis (as Eve Adam)
  • Martin Jarvis - Randall Rees
  • Richard Pearson - Jerome Hogg
  • Elvira Poulianou - Maria Capparis
  • Carole Ashby - Laura
  • Jonny Lee Miller - Student
  • Lucy Meacock - Daisy (as Lucy Maycock)
  • Emma Cunningham - Student Union Official
  • Ian Sharp - First Angler
  • Rosalind Marsh - Susie Tuckerman
  • Rebecca Lamb - Mother's Help
  • Sarah Bullen - Mrs Vasilakis

Trivia Edit

  • Martin Jarvis (Randall Rees) would go on to appear in the Endeavour episode 'Rocket' as Henry Broom.
  • The character Jerome Hogg also appears in the Endeavour episode 'Coda', played by Kevin Trainor.