Home is episode four of season one of Endeavour.

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Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

  • Paul Venable - Prof Alastair Coke Norris
  • Louise Dylan - Judy Vallens
  • Guy Williams - Jolyon Frobisher
  • Lloyd McGuire - Charlie Ayers
  • Jamie Glover - Dr. Ian Kern
  • Poppy Miller - Millicent Coke Norris
  • Chris Barnes - Albert Gudgeon
  • Richard Hawley - Morris Cubitt
  • Kelly Adams - Cynthia Riley
  • Clive Wood - Vic Kasper
  • Nick Court - Vince Kasper
  • Lynda Rooke - Gwen Morse
  • Sonya Cassidy - Joyce Morse
  • Alan Williams - Cyril Morse
  • Edmund Kingsley - Mark Carlisle
  • Marilyn O'Brien - Prue Carter
  • John Hollingworth - Taxi Driver

Trivia Edit

  • Lynda Rooke (Gwen Morse) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'What Lies Tangled' as Joyce Guitteau.
  • The characters Gwen Morse and Joyce Morse also appear in the Inspector Morse episode 'Cherubim and Seraphim, played by Edwina Day and Sorcha Cusack respectively.