Inspector Morse is a series of crime novels written by Colin Dexter. The series followed the cases investigated by Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse and his partner Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis. In 1987, a 33 episode television series based on the novels was released which ran until 2000, with John Thaw playing the leading role of Morse and Kevin Whately as Lewis.

Following are the additions to the Inspector Morse Series including Novels, Episodes and other additions:



Series 1: 1987Edit

Overall Episode Series Episode Episode Title Episode Air date
The Dead of Jericho
6 January 1987
Anne Stavely, a friend of Morse's, ostensibly commits suicide at her home in Jericho, though Morse isn't convinced. Morse works with Sergeant Lewis for the first time. Based on the novel The Dead of Jericho. Cast includes Gemma Jones.
The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
13 January 1987
The murder of a deaf university entrance examiner leads Morse and Lewis into a possible college cheating scandal. Based on the novel The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn.
Service of All the Dead
20 January 1987
A church warden is found with a knife in his chest; more bodies pile up as Morse and Lewis try to catch a dangerous psychopath. Based on the novel Service of All the Dead.

Series 2: 1987 - 88Edit

Overall Episode Series Episode Episode Title Episode Air date
The Wolvercote Tongue
25 December 1987
This was subsequently novelised as The Jewel That Was Ours, although the resolution is quite different. An American tourist is found dead in a hotel room at The Randolph Hotel, apparently from a heart attack. Morse suspects foul play and a jewel belonging to the victim goes missing.
Last Seen Wearing
8 March 1988
A school girl has been missing for six months and Morse is convinced she is dead. However he and Lewis discover some disturbing facts about one of the schools she attended. But before he can solve the mystery, another murder happens. Based on the novel Last Seen Wearing.
The Settling of the Sun
15 March 1988
Morse is called on to solve the murder of a Japanese student, one of a group of foreign students attending a dinner with Morse.
Last Bus to Woodstock
22 March 1988
Morse investigates the murder of an 18-year-old woman found dead in a pub car park. Based on the novel Last Bus to Woodstock.

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