Jim Strange was a character in both Inspector Morse and Endeavour. In Endeavour, Jim Strange is a police constable, a uniformed police officer. He quickly befriends Morse after a bad introduction, a friendship which carries over from Endeavour to Inspector Morse.

Relationship with MorseEdit


Series 1Edit

In Endeavour, Jim Strange is a uniformed police constable. Morse meets him when exploring the sudden death of a secretarial student in the Endeavour episode "Girl". After a shaky start, Morse and Strange start to build a good friendship.

At the end of series 1, in episode "Home", Morse has to take a trip home after getting news that his father is dying. Upon recommendation from Morse, Strange is promoted to "Acting Detective Constable", to which Strange will "never forget".

Series 3Edit

After DS Jakes resign he takes his place. Becoming Morse's superior which made their relationship a bit tense.

Inspector MorseEdit

In Inspector Morse, Jim Strange is a Chief Superindendent.