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Laurence Paul Fox (born 26 May 1978) is an English actor, singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for his role as James Hathaway in Lewis (series).

Early lifeEdit

Laurence Paul Fox was born to actor James Fox and his wife Mary Elizabeth Piper in Leeds, West Yorkshire. From an acting dynasty, he is the third of five children. His siblings are businessman Tom (1975), producer Robin (1976) and actors Lydia (1979) and Jack (1985). Emilia Fox (1974) and her younger brother Freddie (1989) are his cousins, who are also actors.

At the age of 13, Laurence entered Harrow School - an independent school for boys. Even though he made friends and liked the drama teacher there, he hated the school's strict regimen and felt despised and out of place among pupils with titles and wealth. Smoking, fighting, going into town and causing fights were issues whilst he was a student. Laurence eventually became expelled from the school, weeks before he was due to start his A-levels.

Despite doing well in his A-level examinations, Laurence was unable to gain a place at any university, simply because of the 'bad' report Harrow School had written for him. Subsequently, he worked as a gardener for two years and also had a stint as an officer worker. He later discovered that he enjoyed acting, where he successfully enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

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