Masonic Mysteries is episode four of season four of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Morse finds himself the subject of a murder investigation when his friend, Beryl Newsome, is murdered at a rehearsal of the Magic Flute and he foolishly touches the murder weapon. Morse is suspended and DCI Alex Bottomley, with DS Robbie Lewis assisting him, is put in charge of the case. Morse feels that he was set-up and looks to his past to see who, among the many criminals he arrested, might now be setting about seeking revenge. When someone scratches masonic symbols all over his car and he is reported for erratic driving, Morse wonders if Masons may somehow be involved. When a large number of his personal items are found in Beryl's apartment, Morse is placed under arrest.

Plot Edit

To be added

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Madelaine Newton - Beryl Newsome
  • Ian McDiarmid - Hugo De Vries
  • Celestine Randall - Sandra Machin
  • Roland Oliver - Conductor
  • John Arthur - Hall Porter
  • Richard Kane - Chief Inspector Bottomley
  • Steven Elliot - Officious Constable (as Steven Elliott)
  • Richard Huw - Detective Constable Dearden
  • Iain Cuthbertson - Desmond McNutt
  • Mark Strong - PC Mike Butterworth
  • Diane Fletcher - Marion Brooke
  • Ken Drury - Norman
  • James Smith - R.G. Prettyman
  • Jenny Howe - Angry Neighbour
  • Piers Ibbotson - Ambulance Man
  • Yvonne Gidden - Yvonne
  • Michael Mears - Wine Merchant
  • Tip Tipping - P.C. Dene

Trivia Edit

  • Diane Fletcher (Marion Brooke) would go on to appear in the Endeavour episode 'Nocturne' as Miss Bronwen Symes.
  • The character Desmond McNutt was referenced in the Endeavour episode 'Home'.
  • The character Marion Brooke also appears, as does her organisation, Amnox, in the Endeavour episode 'Arcadia', played by Elisabeth Hopper.
  • Madelaine Newton (Beryl Newsome) is Kevin Whately's wife.