Oxford's last-surviving all-female college is holding a reunion to bid farewell to one of its most prominent professors. However, the evening leads to tragedy when a guest is found murdered, and Lewis is convinced the killing is connected to an attack that occurred at the same institution 10 years previously. The detective calls in his former DS, Alison McLennan, to help with the investigation, but the case takes a twist when two more bodies turn up. Crime drama, guest starring Juliet Stevenson and Saskia Reeves, with Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox.


DI Robert Lewis - Kevin Whately

DS James Hathaway - Laurence Fox

Dr Laura Hobson - Clare Holman

Chief Supt Innocent - Rebecca Front

Diana Ellerby - Juliet Stevenson

Freya Carlisle - Zoe Telford

Lakshmi Eyre - Stephanie Street

Ruth Brooks - Hattie Morahan

Chloe Brooks - Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Alison McLennan - Saskia Reeves

Pauline Turrell - Melanie Kilburn

Poppy Toynton - Kathryn O'Reilly

Marion Ferber - Joanne Pearce

Samantha Coyle - Shannon Tarbet

Jarvis - Brenan Davies

Edward Florey - James Rochford

Dr Copeland - Hassani Shapi

Mr Festing - Ian Bleasdale

Adrian Royal - Dylan Charles

Dr Beckham - Orlando Seale

Delivery guy - Adam Garrett

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