Promised Land is episode five of season five of Inspector Morse.

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Con O'Neill - Paul Matthews
  • Philip Anthony - Newspaper Editor
  • Kevin Leslie - Barman
  • Bill Young - Farmer in Ute
  • Vanessa Patterson - Karen Harding
  • Rhondda Findleton - Anne Harding
  • Marie Armstrong - Sash (Nursing Home Matron)
  • John Jaratt - Sergeant Scott Humphries
  • Maureen Green - Sal (Nurse)
  • Noah Taylor - Dave Harding
  • Paul Hunt - Shearing Foreman
  • Max Phipps - Detective Inspector Glenn McAllister
  • Peter Browne - Detective Gary Warrender
  • Shayne Foote - Barmaid

Trivia Edit

  • Con O'Neill (Paul Matthews) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'Fearful Symmetry' as Dr Bob Massey.
  • The characters Peter Matthews and Bernie Waters, who are mentioned in this episode, also appear in the Endeavour episode 'Coda', played by Tom Mothersdale and Bronson Webb respectively.