'The Dead of Jericho' is episode one of season one of Inspector Morse.

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After a brief car battle with a garage owner, Morse rushes to choir practise. There he meets Anne Stavely, who he becomes friends with and offers to walk her home. There are a few shots of Oxford. Anne talks about how she likes her house on Canal Reach. Her nosy neighbour, George Jackson, watches them. Anne invites Morse in for tea. There, he meets Ned Murdoch. Ned uses Anne’s piano to write and play music on her piano. He says there is no milk. Anne checks and sees there isn’t. Ned goes upstairs to his room to take drugs while Anne and Morse are downstairs. Morse hears Ned upstairs from the creaking of the floorboards. Anne explains to Morse that she is a piano teacher. Morse sees a modern record player and compliments on it. Anne tells Morse that she used to work for the company that built the record player-Richards. She says it was a goodbye present from them.? Morse invites Anne out to see a film or something and leaves. Ned watches from the window. Anne enters the bedroom. Ned talks about how he doesn’t like men the same age as Morse and how they disrespect women like Anne. Anne asks Ned to go and get some milk but he says money is a small problem.? Anne realises that Ned is asking for money and gets some from her bag for Ned. George Jackson watches from his house as Ned leaves to get some milk. Then, Jackson sees Anne getting changed. He watches her undress from his house. While Anne is teaching a pupil downstairs, Ned sits in Anne’s bedroom. He sees some letters on her desk and goes to examine them. One is from Richards and the other is an informal letter to Anne. On her bedside table sits “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles. Ned grabs her bag and takes her purse out. He removes £10 from her purse. When he hears Anne coming he puts everything back and sits on the bed like nothing happened. Anne says she wants to talk to Ned about money. She asks if he’s taken money from her purse. He denies it and Anne says that he should just ask if he wants any money. She pleads with him to just ask for money. He admits to maybe taking some money. Morse meets up with Anne at the choir again and they go to the pub. Morse asks Anne if she’d like to go somewhere after the choir performance to celebrate. She agrees. Morse takes her home again and Anne puts the kettle on. He tells her he is a police man. He asks her about piano teaching. From the way she talks about it, she sounds like she hates it.? He asks her if there’s anybody important around. She says she thinks so. She seems depressed. She tells Morse to get the tea ready while she goes upstairs. She enters the bathroom and finds a positive pregnancy test. She looks at it but stops and closes the cupboard. She thinks to herself. She talks to Morse about how it’s the wrong time and it’s not right. When Morse leaves he says he’ll pick her up next week to take her to the performance. She says that would be nice. When he leaves, Jackson, again, watches through the window. Anne goes to her bedroom and sees Jackson spying on her with his binoculars. She goes to her bed and looks so sad. The next morning, she is on the phone to an unknown person. She says: “It’s me, can you talk? I must see you. Don’t, please don’t. Well just come over, I’m not going anywhere. *starts to cry* I don’t believe you!? I don’t know. Will you call me back? The doorbell rings. The door opens and George Jackson comes in. He says he used his spare key that she gave him. He’s there to do a job for Anne. She asks him not to spy on her in future. He takes that very seriously, denies it and gets aggressive towards Anne. Later, Morse arrives at the house to take her to the concert. He parks next to a Mercedes. He stops to look at it and sees a parking ticket on it. He goes to knock on her door but sees it is already open. He goes in and calls her name. There is no reply. He goes into the living room first and sees the kitchen door is closed. He goes to open it but stops and goes back. Then he hears creaking from the roof which tells him someone is in her room. He then goes to the stairs where he sees a small black umbrella lying on the step.? Giving up, he leaves. At the choir concert, he sees Anne is not there. He decides to go back to Canal Reach to find Anne. On the way there, he sees many police cars racing to her home. There is a huge crowd of people and police officers there. Morse races down the street to her house where he meets Lewis. Morse asks him if Anne’s ok. He says she isn’t. He runs into the house. It is crowded with police officers and detectives. He goes to the kitchen where some police slam the door. He then tries to get in through the other door. Lewis tries to stop him but he pushes past and runs down the corridor. He sees the shadow of Anne’s corpse, hanging on a rope. Morse looks shocked. Suddenly a police officer slams the door.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Jackson is watching the police from his window. Morse asks Lewis who reported the hanging. He says it was an anonymous phone call. He doesn’t know if it was a man or a woman. Morse asks if there is a note. Lewis says there isn’t. Jackson is holding the suicide note against the TV in his house. Jackson has the note. Morse finds a key lying on Anne’s doormat. He picks it up and tries it in the front door key hole. It fits and works. So Anne’s key was on her doormat. Lewis comments on how far the stool that Anne was standing on was kicked. Morse gives Lewis the key and leaves. Lewis and Chief Inspector Bell wander what Morse was doing wandering around Jericho late at night. Morse walks back to his car and sees a telephone box at the end of the road. The door is open. Morse goes inside. It stinks of fish in there. He looks at the phone book. The page is open on P. He looks down and sees Police on the page. So someone used the phone-box to call the police. But what’s with the stench of fish? Morse asks a near police officer if there are any fish & chip shops in Jericho. The police officer says there aren’t. Morse goes to his car and leaves. At home Morse sits and thinks. Adele Richards wakes up in bed. She gets up and runs through her big house to the garage. There, she puts a small, black umbrella in the back of the car. In the morning, Ned goes to his drug-dealer and pleads for his fix. He is desperate. That’s why he has no money. Adele sits at home in bed and cries. Suddenly, the phone rings. She hears two men’s voices. They are talking about Adele seeing right through him and there’s no point in calling her. They also say that if Adele asks as far as man 2 knows man 1 was with some clients in town.? Man 2 wonders why they are bothering as Adele already knows and she doesn’t want her to have to cope with it. The man finally asks man 2 to cover for him. Adele puts the phone down. Lewis goes to a key-cutter. He asks the shopkeeper if he cut the key found on Anne’s doormat. He says he did and he cut four of them. Lewis asks if he knows where they went. The shopkeeper only knows one person who has a spare key, George Jackson at number 10. Adele goes to Richards-the company that produces record-players- and confronts her husband Alan Richards who was on the phone talking to his brother, Tony Richards. She tells him that Anne Stavely is dead. Alan seems shocked. She says she heard the phone call and she wants Alan to tell the truth and then she will tell the truth. Lewis goes to number 10, Jackson’s house. Lewis follows George into his house for questioning. He asks him if he knew Anne Stavely. He claims he knew her but they had nothing to do with each other. Lewis sees loads of fish in his kitchen. Jackson is a fisherman. Lewis says Jackson did a few odd jobs for Anne. George says he does jobs for everyone around Canal Reach and Jericho. It’s his job. Lewis says he’s been doing a few jobs for Anne recently. George said he did her new front door and some bits and bobs. The last job he did was repointing her back wall but he claims he never said hello. He just went in, did the job and came home. Lewis asks if Miss Stavely gave George a key. He says she did give him a key but he gave it back yesterday afternoon when Anne died. He knocked on the door and slipped it through her letter-box. He asks George why Miss Stavely would have killed herself. George says he doesn’t know and he doesn’t’ go poking his nose into other people’s business. Lewis asks Jackson if he thought she was a happy woman. Jackson says she did. At night, Morse sneaks into Anne’s house via the back garden. He looks around the house. He goes to the stairs and sees the small, black umbrella isn’t there anymore. He goes into the living room and sees burnt love letters in the fire to Anne. Who burnt them? He goes upstairs and into her room. On her bedside table sits the copy of “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles. He feels her pillow. When he leaves, he gets in a struggle with Lewis. Lewis finds out its Morse and stops. They go to the pub together. Jackson follows them. Alan Richards reads a very messy and untidy ransom note to his brother Tony: “Dear Mr Richards, it’s about missis Stavely who died. I know about her but does Mrs Richards? I know all about it, I hope you believe me, because if you don’t I’ll tell Mrs Richards everything. You are rich and what is £1000? If you agree I’ll not bother to write again. Make sure the police don’t know anything. Don’t give me anything traceable. Get the money in used notes. Don’t try anything funny. Please remember your wife.” The spelling and grammar is appalling. Alan asks Tony if he should talk to Adele. Tony says no. Morse speaks to Chief Inspector Bell and learns that Anne Stavely was pregnant. Anne’s mother is asked a few questions. She says she has identified the body of Anne and it is her. Alan Richards goes to the court meeting about Anne Stavely’s death. The pathologist says that the time of death was between 7:00-9:30 in the morning. She died of a broken neck. She has also given birth to a child before as well as being pregnant when she died. The pathologist is asked if he thinks Anne killed herself. The doctor believes it is possible that she hung herself. Morse goes to interview Anne’s mother. She asks Morse if he thinks Anne did kill herself. Morse doesn’t think she did. Anne’s mother wonders who would want to hurt her and she was a kind girl. He asks if she knew whether Anne had been pregnant before or not. She said she did and that was years ago. Apparently, she married the father and that was what ruined her-the baby and the marriage, and it spoiled everything. She was 18.? Morse asks what happened to the baby and where does it live. The mother doesn’t know.? She knows it was a boy and it was a boy and then Anne got pregnant again and died. The mother didn’t know Anne got pregnant again and she doesn’t know who the father might be. Jacksons’ in the phone box that Morse investigated and calls Alan Richards. George says they don’t know each other but he’s a friend of Anne Stavely’s. He asks if Alan got his letter. George asks how much, threatens Alan saying that he could make life very black for him and his wife, and give him instructions. Morse goes to Oxford University to find Ned Murdoch. He goes to his dormitory. Morse lies past Ned’s roommate, claiming to be his uncle. He asks Ned’s roommate about Anne. The roommate has never heard of her. There is a picture of Anne in Ned’s room. Morse finds out Ned is a dance fan. Particularly, male ballet. Morse finds Ned and asks him if he killed Anne Stavely. Ned yells at him to get out but Morse asks him why Ned didn’t go to the inquest and wonders why it’s taken a while to find Ned.? Morse says he can’t work out whether Anne and Ned were having an affair. He guesses not. But he says Ned was stealing from her. Ned says he was not. Ned then begins to recognize Morse from Jericho. He says he hated guys like Morse who tried it on with her. He also says he didn’t kill her. He rants about how everyone used her and she was sick of being used. Ned claims he loved her. He says she was like a mother to him. Morse asks Ned if the baby was his. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Morse tells him that Anne was pregnant but Ned doesn’t believe it. Morse insists it is the truth. Ned tells him to go. Morse says he wants to know what Ned did with the money he stole from Anne’s purse. Apparently, according to the bank, Ned had taken £100 from Anne. Ned gets angry and attacks Morse. They get into a fight in the dorm room until Ned hits Morse with a football boot and escapes. George Jackson watches Alan Richards arrive at a phone booth in a field, in his black Mercedes. Alan leaves the ransom in a bin and leaves. George takes the ransom and departs. He gets followed on his way home by someone in a white ford. They watch George go to the post office and follow him back to Canal Reach, where he lives. Ned goes to a pharmacist to get his prescription for his drug addiction but the doctor says he can’t get it until tomorrow. Ned is desperate for his prescription and gets very angry. Morse goes to see a talk by Alan Richards at Oxford. He talks about the death of Anne Stavely and mentions that she used to work for him at one point. Alan Richards says he was late (because of the money he dropped off) and says that Anne Stavely was a dear, personal friend who worked with him. He then starts talking about their record-player. When Jackson gets back from the shops, he hears someone in his house. At the end of the talk by Alan, Morse goes to speak to him. He mentions how he has a Richards record-player and asks how Anne got one. Alan says it was a farewell present. Morse says it was a generous firm and he’s surprised she left. Alan looks nervous when Morse wonders why she left. Morse leaves the talk and goes to his car. He sees Alan Richards get into a black Mercedes. The same black Mercedes he saw parked outside Anne Stavely’s the day she died. There is no parking ticket. Suddenly Morse sees two police cars driving in the same direction. He calls in to find out what’s going on. Apparently, there is a man who has been found dead in Jericho. Morse asks where in Jericho. Canal Reach. Morse speeds off to Canal Reach. There is a large crowd outside George Jackson’s house. There are loads of police officers there. George Jackson is dead. His head was split open. Morse asks Chief Inspector Bell what the time of death is and guesses between 7:00-8:00 pm. Bell says he doesn’t know. Jackson’s head was smashed in on his bed post. Bell tells Morse that his death was reported by an anonymous phone call. Morse suddenly becomes very interested and asks what time exactly. Bell says it was reported at quarter to ten in the evening. Morse tells Bell that it’s not the same caller who called about Anne’s death. Morse knows Jackson called about Anne’s death. He knows because the phone-booth at the end of the road smelled very strongly of fish and the phone book was open on P for Police. So someone different reported Jackson’s death. Morse tells Bell he thinks Jackson saw something the day Anne Stavely died and somebody else didn’t want him telling the police so they killed him. Morse goes upstairs to the crime-scene-Jackson’s bedroom. His room is a mess from the fight. Jackson is lying dead on the floor, a pool of blood around his head. Lewis is there-he believes it was Ned Murdoch who killed George. Morse doesn’t think so. Morse feels the body-it is still warm. He guesses the time of death to be between 9:00-9:30. Morse realises that his theory is wrong. He was with his prime suspect, Alan Richards, at that time. Morse phones Alan Richards. He asks Alan if he knew George had been killed. Alan claims he didn’t know. Morse fills him in then asks Alan if he knew Jackson. Alan, again, says he doesn’t. Morse asks him who he did know on Canal Reach, as his car was parked there. Morse then asks what he was doing on June the 11th, the day Anne died. Alan says he was making love to a woman. Morse gets the name and address out of him. After getting the address, 37 Dales Road Woodstock, he asks Alan Richards if he knew why Anne would want to kill herself. He says he doesn’t. Morse didn’t think he would. Morse asks Lewis to go and see Alan’s lover in Woodstock and try and work out how Alan could have been in Woodstock and Jericho at the same time. Ned Murdoch is found. He is taken to hospital because of an overdose on drugs. Morse also asks Lewis to get the fingerprints from Jackson’s house and to find out who paid the parking ticket on Richard’s car the day Morse saw it on Canal Reach. Morse then talks about how someone’s lying and the fact that he doesn’t believe anybody. Morse goes to the hospital and finds out when Ned overdoes, he tried to blind himself, so he can’t see. After leaving the hospital, Morse goes to Anne Stavely’s house and asks Lewis to meet him there. Lewis finds Morse reading “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles. Lewis says that the car Morse saw parked on Canal Reach WAS Richard’s car and it was the parking ticket was paid first thing the next day by A. Richards. Lewis also found out about the woman in Woodstock-she claims Richards was with him all afternoon. Morse asks if the woman Lewis talked to was the kind of woman who would keep you occupied all afternoon. Lewis doesn’t know. Morse seems surprised and says Anne Stavely was that kind of woman. Morse makes an appointment with Alan Richards. Then, Morse thinks about who could have killed Jackson. Ned Murdoch didn’t because he was in hospital and Alan Richards was giving his talk at Oxford so he couldn’t have done it. Who did?! Lewis tells Morse that he found two fingerprints at Jackson’s house that weren’t his. Morse goes to see Alan Richard. He asks Adele if Richards is a nice place to work and if Alan is a good boss. Adele says it is a very nice place and Alan is a terrific boss. Morse confronts Alan. He asks why Alan lied to him and told him that he didn’t go to Jericho the day Anne died. Alan claims he didn’t go to Jericho. Morse asks who he lent is car to. Alan seems confused. Then he says he lent it to nobody. Then, suddenly, he changes his answer and says the Mercedes was probably parked outside Richards. Morse asks if it was there while he was with his friend in Woodstock. They both laugh nervously. Then Alan claims he doesn’t use the Mercedes because it’s too easily… *hesitates* and then he says he has a metro which is more *hesitates*. Morse says he is extremely generous lending an expensive car to someone and then pays their parking ticket. Alan looks ashamed. Morse asks him to stop messing about and tell him what really happened on June the 11th. Alan says there’s no point hiding anything if he knows about the parking ticket so he tells the story. He claims he went to see Anne. He also says that some time ago, he was very close with Anne and he was in love with her. He even considered leaving his wife. But they both thought it was very difficult working at the same office as Adele so Anne left Richards and became a piano teacher. Alan says they still saw each other after Anne left. Anyway, Alan says that Anne called her and asked him to come and look at the new work that had been done on her house so he went to Canal Reach but he claims there was no one in when he got there. Morse asks if and how he got in. Alan says he did go in and he got in through the open front door. Morse asked what happened next. Alan says there was no one there and he called her name a lot but no one was there. Morse asks what happened next.? Alan claims he left but Morse says he went upstairs. ? Alan admits to going upstairs to have a look around for Anne or something like that then, after stuttering, he says he can’t remember. Morse realises that he can’t remember because he was nowhere near Canal Reach when she died. He then asks who Alan is trying to protect. Then, Adele comes in and says that Alan is covering for her. Adele also says that Alan was lying about the car, the ticket and going to Jericho and he’s very good at lying, he lied his way through many other relationships with different women. Adele admits going to see Anne at Jericho. She got the ticket and she paid for it. Morse asks Adele if she killed Anne Stavely. Adele says she didn’t have to, she was already dead. Lewis tells Morse at his house that Jackson deposited £250 in cash, in the post office on the night he was killed. It wasn’t money he got for a job. Lewis believes it was money he got to be paid off, which it was and it was Richard who paid him off because Jackson had seen something in Jericho on the night Anne Stavely died. The money was for Jackson to keep his mouth shut but the signs were Jackson wasn’t going to do that so Richards smashed his head in. Morse doesn’t think that is what happened as Adele Richards admits to going to Jericho, not Alan, and another swears he was with her all day and Morse was with Alan all day at the talk. Lewis thinks that Richards could have got someone else to kill Jackson for him. It could have been his wife or his brother. Morse asks Lewis to go and talk to Tony Richards, Alan’s brother, and ask him if he killed Jackson. Morse also asks Lewis to take Tony’s fingerprints, and Alan’s fingerprints and Adele’s. Morse also asks Lewis to find out if Jackson got paid for a job recently. Morse then thinks that Anne Stavely could have taken that £100 out of her bank account to pay Jackson for a job. That could be part of the £250. Lewis claims it isn’t because Anne Stavely paid by check but Jackson was paid in cash. He has her check and Jackson’s cash with him. Morse goes back to Oxford to talk to Ned Murdoch’s tutor. Morse finds out that Ned was adopted. While Morse is discussing searching Ned’s room with the tutor, he suddenly realises who killed Anne Stavely. He knows. Morse goes back to Anne Stavely’s house at Canal Reach. While he is unlocking the door, he hears a crash and some glass shattering in George Jackson’s house. Someone is in house, probably searching for something. Morse tries to break into the house. There is a small chase down the Canal but Morse loses whoever it was in Jackson’s house. Morse gets the get to the Canal unlocked by a police officer and gets a search going. Morse deduces that the same person was trying to find whatever it was when they killed Jackson. Lewis says that it couldn’t have been Tony Richards as he was with Lewis. Morse says it wasn’t his brother, Alan, because the person Morse chased didn’t look anything like Alan. Lewis says he knows it wasn’t Alan as Alan is in a conference meeting in London. They both decide that Alan Richards isn’t a suspect. Then Morse asks if Lewis got Tony Richards fingerprints. Lewis says he did, he liked him and he didn’t think he’d kill anybody. Morse asks where Adele Richards is. Lewis says she’s still in Oxford and she was very happy to give her finger prints and a statement. Lewis also says Adele claims she spent the evening with Tony when Jackson died so that’s his alibi. Adele also claims she paid the parking ticket. Morse tells Lewis that he knows who killed Anne Stavely. It wasn’t any of the Richards: The man who killed Anne Stavely is called Sophocles. Morse says he needs Lewis to do a few things for him before he explains: He wants the name of the other driver when Anne Stavely’s husband died, then he wants to know what happened to the adopted son, social services will tell him. Then, a police officer comes and informs Morse that Tony and his wife Adele’s prints don’t match the ones found in Jackson’s house. They both go to the pub together. Here is what Morse thinks:

Sophocles wrote a play about a man in love with his mother who wanted to kill his father called “Oedipus the King” Oedipus was a big tyrant, a big man, who found out that the woman he married was his mother and a man he’d killed at an argument at crossroads was his father. So, Jocasta, who was his wife and his mother, when she found out she hung herself.? Lewis is confused and thinks she’d be too old for him but Morse says she was very attractive, just like Anne Stavely. When Oedipus found out, he poked his own eyes out. ? Morse thinks he’s worked it out: Anne Stavely got married to a man but he (the father) died in a car crash, so she gave the baby away to be adopted. Ned Murdoch is an adopted son. What if, they met in Oxford and they were attracted to each other. Anne claims she sort of “adopted” Ned. Morse knows Ned at least once slept in her bed. What if they were having an affair, but then Anne found out that she loved her son so, after reading Sophocles (which was by her bed), she hung herself, just like in the book. Then, Ned found out and blinded himself (opposed to poking his own eyes out) just like in the book. Ned’s birthday falls on the same day Anne Stavely died.

Lewis tells Morse that he couldn’t find anything from social services so Morse tells Lewis to go to Ned Murdoch and talk to him himself. Lewis says he tried that but he couldn’t talk to him as he’s being operated on again. Morse says that they’re going to go to Richards offices instead. Morse then tells Lewis that he, Adele Richards, Tony Richards, Alan Richards and himself are all meeting at Canal Reach. Morse also tells Lewis that if he’s right and Anne did commit suicide, then there should be a note somewhere and he wants to read it. Morse and Lewis arrive at Richards and ask the receptionist (not Adele this time) if they can speak to Tony Richards. She says he’s at lunch and he’s not sure if he will be back. Morse knows he’s hiding from him and Morse and Lewis ransack Alan & Tony’s offices. Lewis finds nothing in Tony’s office but Morse finds a note in Alan’s office. It’s the ransom note from Jackson. Morse doesn’t believe Jackson wrote that letter, he says it’s too obvious. Morse realises that despite the spelling, the grammar and the punctuation it’s too easy to realise what’s being said. George Jackson didn’t write that letter. So if he didn’t, he did write it? Morse gives Adele Richards a copy of the letter then leaves. The next day he goes to meet all three of the Richards. Morse introduces himself to Tony Richards then they all go in. Morse tells them how Anne Stavely was hanging in the kitchen, on a certain beam, with a cord that was normally used for hanging up washing. Morse says if you shut the door, and you can’t even notice her. That’s what happened to Morse the time he came. He had no idea she was there.? He came here on the day she died and he didn’t even know she was hanging there.? That was while Mrs Richards was there. She says she was there. Adele was upstairs going through Anne’s things, looking for love letters that might incriminate Alan. Morse saw her black umbrella on the stairs and he heard creaking from Anne’s bedroom. Adele found the love letters. Morse found a blackmail letter. Morse asks Alan what he did about the blackmail note. Alan claims he paid up. He gave Jackson the money. Alan keeps stuttering and Tony looks very nervous. Morse asks when. Alan says he knows all this. Alan then tells him he gave him the money on the day George Jackson died. He claims he left it behind a telephone box. Morse says there’s no mention of this in the blackmail letter. Alan says Jackson called him after Alan received the letter. Morse asks how much. Alan says he was prepared to give £250. Morse says that he paid him £250 and later that day George Jackson was murdered. Alan says it couldn’t have been him as he was with Morse at the talk at Oxford. Morse asks if it was Tony, his brother, who murdered George for him. Alan says he wouldn’t go that far. Tony looks nervous. Morse says that it could have been him and asks where he was that night. Tony claims he was with Adele. Adele vouches for that. Morse says he doesn’t believe them. Morse says he thinks Tony killed Jackson while Alan was giving his talk. He says he thinks Tony followed Jackson back from the drop and confronted him in his house about what evidence he had about Alan’s liaison with Anne Stavely. When Jackson wouldn’t play ball, Tony smashed his head in on his bed post. Tony says its rubbish. Alan says that Lewis took Tony’s fingerprints and they didn’t match the ones found in Jackson’s house. Alan then asks what other evidence Morse has. Adele then says if she’s prepared to cover for her husband then why should he worry about blackmail. Morse says that he hoped they’d tell him that. Adele says she can’t explain it because it didn’t happen and she says that Tony didn’t kill Jackson. Lewis arrives at the house. Lewis found out that Anne Stavely’s son was adopted by a family in Wales. He also spoke to them on the phone. Anne Stavely’s son is a postman and her husband was killed in a head-on collision. The other driver was a pensioner who died instantly. Lewis also checked with Swansea and found out that Ned Murdoch doesn’t even have a driving license. It wasn’t Sophocles. Morse was wrong. Morse sends everybody home. Lewis sees Tony and introduces himself, saying they haven’t met. Morse asks him to say that again. Lewis said “Mr Richards, we haven’t met, I’m Sergeant Lewis.” Morse said they have met; Lewis took Tony Richard’s fingerprints. Lewis points at Alan Richards and says he took that man’s fingerprints, saying he’s Tony Richards. Alan Richards is really Tony Richards and Tony Richards is really Alan Richards. Tony (now Alan) pushes Lewis into Morse and runs down the corridor. Lewis and Morse chase him through the front door. Alan gets in his Mercedes and drives through the gate to the canal. Morse gives Lewis the keys to the jaguar. Adele calls to Alan saying it’s too late, don’t do it! Tony turns the car around and drives up the street, almost hitting Adele but Morse and Tony pull her out of the way. Lewis (now in the Jaguar) reverses up the street with Alan staring at him through the Mercedes. Lewis gets to the end of the street, spins the car to side and Alan crashes into the door of the Jaguar. Morse goes to see Ned. Morse asks Ned if he saw Anne the day she died. He said he saw her dead the day she died. He claims he went round to the house in the morning and she was dead. Morse then asks Ned if he took anything from the room. Ned tells Morse he took money from her bag. It was money she’d taken out of the bank for Ned. Ned tells Morse she thought she was paying for driving lessons, not Heroin. He says he didn’t even phone the police, he was so desperate. Morse asks if Ned was the father of her child. Ned says that’s not possible as he is gay. Morse asks Ned if he wrote the blackmail letter to Alan Richards. Ned says it was a practical joke. Morse knows this because Ned typed the envelope and Morse checked it with his typewriter. It had to be Ned because it couldn’t have been anyone else really. Ned tells Morse that Alan Richards hurt her so much. That’s why she killed herself. She was tired of being hurt by men. Alan was so cruel to Anne. She said once she waited every day for him to call or arrive and he didn’t bother. Lewis tells Morse that they found the letter from Anne. It was inside one of Jackson’s fishing rods. It was found by a policeman who wanted to steal one of the fishing rods for himself. The letter just says Alan broke Anne Stavely’s heart.

Conclusion: Anne Stavely, after the death of her first husband, was having an affair with Tony Richards. He was so cruel to her and he never saw her. He left her to cope with the baby on her own. George Jackson saw them making love across the road so he blackmailed Alan and Tony Richards. Anne was so hurt that she hanged herself. When the Richard brothers delivered the money to Jackson, Alan followed him home, and confronted him. Jackson wouldn’t admit to anything so Alan smashed his head in. So the police didn’t find out who killed Jackson, Alan and Tony swapped names so Alan is now Tony and Tony is now Alan. Adele was married to Alan (now Tony) and she helped Alan get his money back by telling the police he was with her. When he left two fingerprints behind, Tony and Alan swapped again so they were back to their normal names so Lewis really did take Tony’s fingerprints, thinking he was Tony and the other Alan, which they were. Then, they swapped again. Tony (now Alan) had the perfect alibi as he was with Morse. Ned Murdoch had nothing to do with the Richard brothers. They were very clever. ''

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Gemma Jones - Anne Staveley
  • Patrick Troughton - George Jackson
  • James Laurenson - Tony Richards
  • Norman Jones - Chief Inspector Bell
  • Spencer Leigh - Ned Murdoch
  • Annie Lambert - Adele Richards
  • Richard Durden - Alan Richards
  • Charlotte Mitchell - Mrs Staveley
  • David Michaels - Pete
  • Paul Dixey - Tutor
  • Christopher Guinee - Grimes
  • Richard Cubison - Pharmacist
  • Souad Faress - Hospital Doctor
  • Philip Voss - Coroner
  • Adam Morris - Constable Dixon (as Wayne Morris)
  • Gary Webster - Colin
  • Sally Cooper - Receptionist
  • Rupert Holliday-Evans - David
  • Charles Hodgson - Jack Hornsby
  • Irene Sutcliffe - Mrs Hornsby
  • Gary Powell - Constable
  • Charlotte Stone - Charlotte

Trivia Edit

  • Richard Durden (Alan Richards) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'The Soul of Genius' as John Gracey, and the Endeavour episode 'Quartet' as Prof. Alexander Richmond.