The Death of the Self was an episode of Inspector Morse that was first broadcast on 25th March 1992

Plot synopsisEdit

Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse investigates the murder of an Englishwoman abroad in Italy, and drags a reluctant Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis along for the ride. Looking into the death of May Lawrence who was killed while attending a psychotherapy clinic, Morse, while there, falls for the glamorous opera singer Nicole Burgess.

Full plot synopsisEdit

Memorable quotes:Edit

[Morse has just arrested Russell Clark who is now being led away for questioning] Russell Clark: It must be terrible to live with your level of distrust. You know what I think? I think it's sexual inadequacy - you don't get a lot of success with women. Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse: You'll have *plenty* of time to reflect on *that*! Share this quote

Claudio Battisti: In prison he came to know himself, to forgive himself, and then to reconstruct himself. Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse: Self, self, self - that's Clark all right! Share this quote----

[showing Lewis the sights of Italy] Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse: The arena, Lewis. Built by the Romans for their games. Carnage and brutality. Now it's an opera house. I could almost believe in progress.

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