The Death of the Self is episode three of season six of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Chief Inspector Morse investigates the murder of an Englishwoman abroad in Italy, and drags a reluctant Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis along for the ride. Looking into the death of May Lawrence who was killed while attending a psychotherapy clinic, Morse, while there, falls for the glamorous opera singer Nicole Burgess.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Michael Kitchen - Russell Clarke
  • Christopher Hunter - Andreas Heller/Louis Picard (as Chris Hunter)
  • Julia Goodman - May Lawrence
  • Kate Harper - Patti Wilcox
  • Frances Barber - Nicole Burgess
  • Alan Rowe - Alistair Haines
  • Jane Snowden - Maureen Dyson
  • Jane Wenham - Judith Haines
  • Peter Blythe - Kenneth Lawrence
  • Allan Mitchell - Coroner
  • Cesare Landricina - Driver Ponso
  • Georges Corraface - Claudio Battisti
  • Jolyon Baker - Guido Ventura
  • Georgio Serafini - Tomaso Salafia
  • Tatyana Colombo - Piera Conti (as Tattiana Colombo)
  • Valeria Fabbri - Nicole's Dresser
  • Janis Kelly - Nicole Burgess (singing voice)

Trivia Edit

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