The Remorseful Day
The Remorseful Day is the thirty-third and final episode of Inspector Morse, adapted from Colin Dexter's novel of the same name. It was first broadcast on ITV in November 15 2000

Plot synopsisEdit

Yvonne Harrison (Meg Davies) is found murdered by her husband Frank Harrison (Paul Freeman) in a sexually compromising position. Morse is taken off the case after two months and no progress is made until an anonymous letter suggesting that Harry Repp (Eddie Webber), who is to be released from prison, may be the perpetrator.

Because of Morse's failing health, Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis assumes a more active role and Chief Superintendent Jim Strange (James Grout) also assumes even less honourable than Lewis. Paddy Flynn (James Benson), the cab driver who drove Frank Harrison to his home on the night of the murder, is found dead in the trash dump. Harry Repp is found dead in the boot of a stolen car. A local lothario, John Barron (Jesse Birdsall), is killed in a fall from a ladder. Flynn and Repp have been blackmailing the killer.

It is revealed that Sandra Harrison (Anna Wilson-Jones) had killed her mother in a jealous rage over John Barron.

Endeavour Morse suffers a massive heart attack, then collapses and later dies in hospital. His last four words are: "Thank Lewis for me".

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