The Secret of Bay 5B is episode four of season three of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Morse and Lewis investigate the death of Michael Gifford, a successful architect who was strangled while sitting in his vehicle in a multi-level car park. As they look into his background, they find he was an egotist who had affairs with several women and had employees who are either indifferent to or devastated at his death. There are several suspects including Brian Pierce, who was re-directing company funds for his own use, Rosemary Henderson, with whom he was having an affair and her husband George who is dying of liver failure. In the end, Morse uncovers a clever deception that finally puts them on the path to identifying the killer.

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Mel Martin - Rosemary Henderson
  • Marion Bailey - Fran Pierce
  • Andrew Wilde - Edward Manley
  • Philip McGough - Brian Pierce
  • George Irving - George Henderson
  • Susan Kyd - Camilla
  • Kate Lansbury - Mrs. Cameron
  • Cathryn Bradshaw - Janice
  • Tom Radcliffe - Ray Miles
  • Pamela Miles - Amy Morris
  • Brian Poyser - Inspector Cyril Dewar
  • Ivor Roberts - Mr. Waugh
  • Robert Gladwell - Band Leader
  • Michael Haughey - Undertaker
  • Cheryl Moskowitz - Nurse
  • Isobel Reid - Gloria
  • John Dixon - Constable
  • John Bleasdale - Constable
  • Catherine Livesey - Aerobics Leader
  • Richard Hawley - Orderly
  • Michael Melia - Decorator
  • Fraser Downie - Mick

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