Who Killed Harry Field? is episode three of season five of Inspector Morse.

Synopsis Edit

Morse and Lewis investigate the murder of fun-loving raconteur Harry Field, a mediocre artist with no real style to call his own, with many of his paintings featuring the same mystery woman. As they dig deeper into his past, they discover a possible link to art forgery. Meanwhile, Lewis considers trying for a promotion in Traffic Division.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Trevor Byfield - Harry Field
  • John Castle - Tony Doyle
  • Geraldine James - Helen Field
  • Nicola Cowper - Jane Marriot
  • Steven Payne - Sergeant Taylor
  • Andy Mulligan - Gordon Collins
  • Helena Lymbery - Barmaid
  • Sean Cranitch - Patrol Man
  • David Belcher - Landlord
  • Maureen Bennett - Val Lewis
  • Philip Locke - Freddie Mortimer
  • Veronica Lang - Julia
  • Ronald Pickup - Ian Matthews
  • Freddie Jones - Harry Field Senior
  • Vania Vilers - Paul Eirl
  • Jeremy Clyde - Roger McMill
  • Dicken Ashworth - George Drummond
  • Anna Patrick - Eirl's Secretary
  • Stephan Grothgar - Carl (as Stephen Grothgar)
  • Brian Lipson - McCabe

Trivia Edit

  • Trevor Byfield (Harry Field) would go on to appear in the Lewis episode 'Counter Culture Blues' as Bone.